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Welcome to Vegan Teleport - vegan digital city's gateway by Vanflow, designed to achieve convenient, at priority non-financial, for-data access to vegan properties with current coverage development in Vancouver Downtown, British Columbia - for best experience, eyeball through the guidelines provided beneath prior activating one of the dimension buttons

#dyorvegan is do your own research dimension with agreed-to open-gated access to vegan properties verified by vegan enthusiast(s) inside self-identified accidentally-vegan, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, plant-based, or/ and vegetarian portals' spaced ports


#certvegan is certified dimension with agreed-to open-gated access to vegan properties verified (yet do your own research) by vegan enthusiast(s) or/ and certified by organization(s) inside self-identified vegan portals' spaced ports

dimension - precision varying extent, measuring correlation between the most current (2016) 81.88 years Vancouver Downtown average life expectancy with to date available accessibility to vegan properties, projection extended access to the properties, therefore 828 years and beyond lifestyle, where #dyorvegan has general, while #certvegan - specific relation

portal - space region (distinct area, neighbourhood and/or district) with its own name reference, formed by share of values and appreciation of interests

port - vegan properties production, storage, and/ or distribution space centre 

gate - digital access point to physical vegan property(ies) - tangible (food, garment, shoes, appliances and/or self-care items) and intangible (services by vegans) product(s) made using best available, possible and practicable, free from exploitation, cruelty and suffering technique, contributing to development of means for 828 years and beyond lifestyle


The gateway is 2-dimensional, with 16 portals, 130 ports, and 1041 undergoing development teleportation gates, where if the positive integer of the portal, port or gate is unavailable in regular counting sequence by means of eye-tap (what's seen can be tapped to proceed to the next view), then is available by manual input into the address of Vegan Teleport, for example: Portal 8 - Port 1 is unavailable in the eye-tap view, yet can be accessed by transforming available Portal 8 - Port 8 address -  into

Important: gates marked with asterisk (*) - Portal # - Port # - Gate #* - require side note for customization, when teleported to - for example, submit "please make it vegan - no animal by- and/or products" to the gatekeeper, to ensure vegan property receivable


Gatekeepers might be busy at the time with overlapping properties that do not require customization, causing chance for error to rise high, even if the side note has been submitted; may need further elaboration due to limited practice with the subject; and more likely to remember grateful communications when accommodating future teleportations - patience, empathy, consideration of the high risk due to customization, and appreciation during submission are the keys to the best experience, all the vegan properties are currently subject to and can be confirmed availability of with the respective gatekeeper

Email-to-withdraw - option for port owner to take a break or move-on from teleportations

vegan property(ies)
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